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This was downright yummy. They had a great crunchy salad with baked chicken what was rolled in Panko crumbs. Very filling and low calorie, of course healthy. This was at Hilton Head weight loss spa

Image from page 171 of “Natural history of the fishes of Massachusetts, embracing a practical essay on angling” (1833)
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Identifier: naturalhistoryof1833smit
Title: Natural history of the fishes of Massachusetts, embracing a practical essay on angling
Year: 1833 (1830s)
Authors: Smith, Jerome Van Crowninshield, 1800-1879
Subjects: Fishes Fishing
Publisher: Boston, Allen and Ticknor
Contributing Library: Harvard University, Museum of Comparative Zoology, Ernst Mayr Library
Digitizing Sponsor: Harvard University, Museum of Comparative Zoology, Ernst Mayr Library

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d circumstances.* Such portions of the fishery laws as immediatelyaffect the process of curing, and punishes fraudsin the weight and sale, are both reasonable andrighteous. Dams, break-waters, &z;c. across rivers, are theresults of civilization, and fishes may forsake thestreams where they once instinctively depositedtheir roes : —but their loss is trifling, at any par-ticular locality, when compared with the advanta- * Du Cange mentions aquatia, the right of fishing threedays in the year, in the middle ages. 158 SALMONIDES. ges arising from the improvements of their solitary haunts. As animals recede before the inroadsof civil life, so do the fishes, and no human lawscan restrain them. Menhaden, Bony-Fish, Hard-Head, Mars-banker, or Pauhagen, — Clujpea Menhaden.All these mean the same fish. Perhaps the besthistory of the menhaden, is that by Latrobe, inthe fifth volume of the Philadelphia Transactions.The great whale, Balaena Mysticetus make thema favorite food. THE MENHADEN.

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Dr Mitchell was informed by whalemen, thatwhen this monster gets into a shoal of menhaden,his under jaw being spread, he gathers in severalhogsheads at a mouthful, which can only enter thesmall swallow of the whale, one by one. In thevarious bays and inlets of Massachusetts, such vastshoals of the menhaden are taken, that besides be-ino- smoked for food, far greater numbers are dis-tributed over the fields for manure. CLUPEA. 159 From July to the last of August, the bordersof the sea swarm with them. Lynn Bay, partic-ularly, is said to be a favorite place of their resort. The usual length of the menhaden, is from tento fourteen inches ; gill cover large ; one black-ish spot on the neck, quite near the operculum;tail forked ; belly serrated ; back arched ; mouthand tongue destitute of teeth ; color dusky, hav-ing a slight shade of green ; gill membrane eightrayed.* As before remarked, the menhaden, amongstthe older class of fishermen, towards New Hamp- * On a fine sunny sabbath, in 183

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Hilton Head Health Spa – View from my villa
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There are alligators! The accommodations at the weight loss spa are nice. Huge rooms with private bathrooms and TV in each room. Then common areas to hang out with your roommates. A kitchen, but no cookies in the kitchen (haha!)