365×3.030: oh, crackers!

A few nice rapid weight loss diets images I found:

365×3.030: oh, crackers!
rapid weight loss diets
Image by malik ml williams
We’re Here! :: Copycat


“And anyway, the first three letters in the word diet should tell you what I want it to do.”
— Becca Fitzpatrick, Hush, Hush


Today we’re celebrating reaching 500 members in the We’re Here! group by copycatting the iPhoneography shots of our 500th member, kimbermudez. Since it’s iPhoneography, the image was shot and processed entirely on my iPhone 5. Also, since i’m doing Dr. Oz’s two-week rapid weight-loss plan right now, copying the image below using a cracker that i can’t eat right now seemed especially appropriate.


Damn Triscuit. I do love hummus, i do love hummus, i do love hummus…

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