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This article was posted on March 22, 2006


There are many misconceptions where fitness and health are concerned. You hear from men all the time who claim to be 6% body fat or less (which is the level of a professional bodybuilder) but still have a hard time seeing their abdominal muscle. This, by the way, is impossible. Listen, if you really are 6%, you’ll have an 8-pack, and you won’t need any advice on fitness regimens oo nutrition from anyone. The problem is too many men and women believe that handheld body fat analyzers are accurate.

The truth?

Recent research shows these tools underestimate the amount of fat you are carrying on your body by 2.4 kg! That’s 5 pounds of fat these handheld machines are neglecting to tell you about! So don’t get too smug with your handheld body fat readings, because it’s likely underestimating the amount of fat on your body. Besides, it’s not about the machine; it’s about the mirror, how your clothes fit, and about losing the inches from your waist. Worry about those, not some bogus readout on a machine.

Yes I mentioned nutrition, this is just as important as weight workout routines. Nutrition is where the arduous work really is for fat loss. The weight workout routines don’t have to be long to get fat loss effects. You just need short, intense, and efficient workouts. That’s what weight workouts routines are all about. It is not just about the routines or the calorie burn or even physical fitness itself. Many people’s fitness regimens suffer from misconceptions about fat loss – i.e. that cardio must be done everyday – and also false perceptions about how well they are eating. Now it’s your turn! You have to get strict and stick to whole, natural foods (fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, and nuts) if you want to succeed.

One recent exercise in getting feedback from people interested in fitness and health improvement, showed the same problem. google_ad_client=”pub-2311940475806896″;google_ad_slot=”0098904308″;google_ad_width=300;google_ad_height=250;
On the feedback form was one question that asks, “Do you eat lots of fruits and vegetables?” Almost every time the participants answer was “Yes”. On the next page, the participant lists their food intake. And guess what rarely shows up? If you guessed fruits and vegetables, then you’d get a prize, but there isn’t one. There are too many inconsistencies in our thoughts and actions when it comes to weight loss and exercise.

You don’t need a lot of interval training to get great fat burning results. With a decent workout schedule, you’ll be in and out of the gym in 45 minutes, three times per week. Put short exercise methods together into one great belly fat burning workout if you want to lose stomach fat fast! Men and Women require ever more modern training methods. They need in-depth information on workouts, diet and nutrition and they need that information to be true and up to date.

Simple rules exist on how to pick exercise routines, which can include your weight workout routines, that they should always work multiple muscle groups. They should be done standing, whenever possible and should be effective for fat loss, even if only the bodyweight version is used (i.e. squats). Finally the hardest (most intense) exercises should always be first.

It is this level of information that should be expected from any good quality training program. Turbulence training is one such program. It provides in-depth information on everything weight workout routines, full body workouts, strength training, fat burn and even nutrition and diet information. The benefits are immense and lead to an active body and well-toned muscles as well as improved strength and fitness. After each, short, forty-five minute turbulence-training session. Performed about three times a week, you will feel more physically fit, see that you are slimmer and be generally healthier.


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