HE LOST MORE WEIGHT!!!! Now he’s 90 grams!!!!

Some cool loose weight images:

HE LOST MORE WEIGHT!!!! Now he’s 90 grams!!!!
loose weight
Image by Ninithedreamer
I don’t get it!!! :'( :'( I’m feeding him 4 ml’s of Critical Care a day (which is roughly 3/4’s a tsp.) plus baby food, plus a lot of oatmeal. So HOW DID HE LOOSE 15grams since Wednesday!!!???
:'( :'( :'( :'(


loose weight
Image by cold_penguin1952
For Macro Mondays theme "brew", this is an extreme closeup of a teaball – a round mesh ball that holds loose tea. The blue blob is the weight that keeps the chain (for lowering and raising the ball out of the tea) from falling into the cup.

Resolution 2015: loose weight?
loose weight
Image by clement127
What are your resolutions for this new year?

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