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Cool Weight Loss Doctors images

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Day 172 of 366 (Collectible Monday Edition)
weight loss doctors
Image by James_Seattle
An adipose waves good-bye at my door as it heads off the porch and out into the world.

[The Adipose originally came from the planet Adipose 3. After the Adiposian First Family lost the nursery planet, they hired wet nurses in order to find new places to breed their offspring. On Earth, the wet-nurse Matron Cofelia set up Adipose Industries and disguised the Adipose seeds in the form of weight-loss pills, using humans as surrogates. The pill gained over a million customers quickly. When the Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble discovered the alien secret behind the supposed diet pills, Matron Cofelia ordered the immediate birthing of all Adipose. The Adipose nursery ship collected the babies then ordered the death of "Miss Foster", as Cofelia was known, to remove any evidence, as breeding on a Level 5 planet was an illegal act under the Shadow Proclamation. ( Partners in Crime) After being taken from Earth, the Shadow Proclamation took the baby Adipose into care.

The Adipose reproduced on Nursery Worlds. When on Earth, the Adipose’s development was started when a pill from Adipose Industries was ingested. The young Adipose would grow, collecting fat from around the body. Every night, the Adipose would then be born and leave the body. They could convert other material into fat; however, this practice was not good for their health. Alternative materials included the bones, organs, muscles and many other human tissues. In emergencies, this was used to dispose of people by turning them completely into Adipose.]

[Taken from Wikipedia]

A very short classified file (video) on them:

A clip from The Doctor Who episode "Partners in Crime"

Celia says #87 (lock)
weight loss doctors
Image by Brett Jordan

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40+290 Notch
workout for weight loss
Image by bark
So apparently all this crap about eating right and going to the gym is true! Sliding my belt in a notch.
Yay me!


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