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Ketogenic Diet Rapid Fat Loss
fat loss diet
Image by Stephen Pearson
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Calorie Deficit vs. Fat Loss
fat loss diet
Image by syvwlch
Five weeks of comparison between the calorie deficit as calculated from food intake and exercise, and the weight loss as weighed and smoothed.

The agreement is uncanny, no?

Big Guy
fat loss diet
Image by Tobyotter
I have know this young man since he was born. I worked with his father, who passed away at 50 years old from a heart attack. He was half the size of his son. This young man is 31 and over 500 pounds. He is not a candidate for weight loss surgery, he gained 50 pounds while waiting for the surgery. Since he has not gotten his diet under control they will not do the surgery because he could run in to problems if he tries to eat massive quantities of anything Post stomach bypass surgery.

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