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Nice Losing Weight photos

A few nice losing weight images I found:

Losing Weight
losing weight
Image by CoreForce

losing weight
losing weight
Image by notmargaret
Just cinch it with a belt: www.hulu.com/watch/3525/saturday-night-live-the-gap

Nice Weight Loss Doctors photos

A few nice weight loss doctors images I found:

Stevie Girl will need surgery ~~ Scheduled for Wed.2/23
weight loss doctors
Image by Trish Hamme
for a small tumour on her left front mammary gland .
Since the first week of Dec. , she has lost almost a pound ~~~~
Blood work results are due Monday , then surgery will be scheduled for Tues. or Wed. ~~~~

UPDATE Sat. 2/19 -Just recieved e-mail from Vet. , with Blood Test results:

"The accompanying blood test results point toward a problem with Stevie’s Liver. The elevated bilirubin (an indication of bile pigment accumulation in the blood called jaundice) is mild but unmistakable, and the liver enzyme elevations (AST, ALT, Alkaline Phosphatase) are mild, but taken as a whole with the bilirubin increase are strongly suggestive that a low grade liver ailment is present. The good news is that every other parameter is normal (including platelets evidenced by the "adequate" platelet estimate). A 12 mg/dL increase in cholesterol is not clinically significant from a health standpoint but adds circumstantial weight to the suspicion of a liver ailment.
There are many possible pathologies that could cause these blood enzyme changes, and the next most logical step diagnostically is to do an ultrasound screen of her liver (whole abdomen really). "
Doctor is not in office until 8am Mon. , so will set up Ultrasound then , and find out if surgery on the
"lump" in her mammary gland should be schelduled , or wait on ultrasound results ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

THANK YOU for your Prayers & Well Wishes-Flickr Friends are the BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UPDATE Mon.2/21—
Stevie goes in to Vet. at 7am Wed morning———–He can do BOTH surgery & ultrasound at same time~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I pick her up at 5pm Wed————–but Doctor will call me to let me know all is well after surgery~~~~~~~~~~will discuss ultrasound results at 5~~~~~~~
Glad can do both at same time —-much less stress on Stevie———
and ME 🙂 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Thank You all SO Much for your Prayers & Well Wishes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UPDATE Wed.2/23 -UPDATE 2:45pm—Stevie out of surgery , lump fully removed !!!!!!! Ultrasound clear-NO tumors or
abnormaladies found—-Dr. will discuss other possible reasons for weight loss & abnormal liver function
when I pick her up at 5pm .
THANK YOU ,Bless You for all your Love & Support & Prayers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Will update with more details after I talk with Dr.

weight loss doctors
Image by Jarod Carruthers
I liked these scales that were on a small alley in Siena. Lots of people will be looking at these after the festive season (me included!).

CameraCanon EOS 450D
Exposure0.003 sec (1/400)
Focal Length70 mm
ISO Speed800
Exposure Bias0 EV

Mel B
weight loss doctors
Image by Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer
Mel B Of Spice Girls Fame Signs On With Jenny Craig, by Eva Rinaldi

Mel B aka Melanie Brown has just been signed up as the new face of Jenny Craig (Australia and New Zealand).

Today at 10.30am Mel B, the top brass at Jenny Craig, and over a dozen news media enjoyed a healthy and delicious breakfast (and a media gig) at the Centennial Parklands function centre.

In the extremely unlikely event that you didn’t know, Mel B is an English pop singer-songwriter, actress, author and television presenter. She is best known around the world as Scary Spice, one of the members of the girl group Spice Girls.

It’s well know that brands around the world are often interested in signing up suitable celebrities to promote their wares, and on the surface it looks to be a great match with Jenny Craig being a leader in the weight loss industry for over 30 years, and Mel B recently off pregnancy, enjoying motherhood and looking to loose weight.

The international star told our table "I just love the breakfast. Jenny Craig is just right for me being a busy mum".

Mel B said on her eating "I was eating literally eating morning, noon and night, and its didn’t matter what time. I was just eating. I was a house. I love my humps and bumps, but when a newspaper described my shape as the ‘bootylicious, curvylicious, post-baby body of Melanie, I knew I had to do something. I had to get the eating under control".

Jenny Craig boss Amy Smith released in a media statement: "Mel told us she doesn’t like dieting at all. She loves eating healthy foods and she is thrilled with the health snack options and the amount of fruit and vegetables she gets to eat. Jenny Craig’s team of nutritionists and doctors have created a program especially for women like Mel who have recently given birth, that takes into consideration the nutrient levels needed for breastfeeding women", says Ms Smith.

Mel B said: "Life gets a bit crazy when you’ve got four daughters but it’s important for us mums to live healthy and to be in good shape. Mums really need to take time for themselves and get to a place where they are happy with their body again. We should not put it off because we deserve more than that. I healthy happy mum equals a healthy happy family."

After breakfast Mel did some on site TV interviews, believed to be for Channel Seven, followed by a relaxed photo shoot in the lush green parklands. Apparently word must have spread around Sydney press circles, as after just minutes after going outside for the shoot a number of uninvited paparazzi showed up and started snapping away. Mel and her media team probably expected it, so its a good thing that the word is well and truly out about her new campaign with Jenny Craig.

Mel B looks great, so just imagine how hot she will look a few months into the Jenny Craig program. She acknowledge that media, the other former Spice Girls and everyone else will be watching her progress closely, and judging by today it appears UK pop queen is on set to achieve her diet goals. Will you achieve your dieting goals as summer sneaks up on you? Needless to say, you now know who to call, which we strongly suspect for the ideal in the first place.

Thanks for the tasty J.C breakfast guys. Highly recommended.


Jenny Craig

Melanie Brown official website

Centennial Parklands Dining

Centennial Parklands

Hollywood Treatment

Eva Rinaldi Photography Flickr

Eva Rinaldi Photography

Nice Weight Loss Quick photos

A few nice weight loss quick images I found:

Image from page 227 of “The Bell System technical journal” (1922)
weight loss quick
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: bellsystemtechni16amerrich
Title: The Bell System technical journal
Year: 1922 (1920s)
Authors: American Telephone and Telegraph Company
Subjects: Telecommunication Electric engineering Communication Electronics Science Technology
Publisher: [Short Hills, N.J., etc., American Telephone and Telegraph Co.]
Contributing Library: Prelinger Library
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Text Appearing Before Image:
sed in each test (Fig. 10). Lentinuslepideus, cited by Buller,^ Snell ^ and Humphrey ^ and isolated severaltimes from posts in the Gulf port, Mississippi, test plot,^ as well asfrom poles in service, is used in all cases of organic preservatives, butis seldom used against metallic salts, to which it is extremely sensitive.Lenzites trabea, another species of great economic importance, Hubert,*and also isolated several times from rotted southern pine poles, issomewhat parallel in resistance to Lentinus lepideus, but produces amarkedly different type of decay. Polyporus vaporarius, Porta in-crassata, and Coniophora cerebella, the common dry rots, althougheasily killed by many hydrocarbons, are resistant to most inorganiccompounds, and at least one of these organisms is included in eachtest on such materials. Fomes roseus, another fungus of wide dis-tribution, reacts in a most inconsistent manner, but its occasionalspecific virulence is sufficient to warrant its inclusion in all assays of

Text Appearing After Image:
Fig. 10.^—Assay of worthless preservative at maximum concentration. Thefungi in dupUcate from left to right are Lenzites trabea, U-10, Fomes roseus aiulLeniinns lepideus. new and unusual preservatives. Unfortunately the fastest and mostversatile decay organism used has no name and masquerades underthe designation U (unknown)-lO. Isolated several years ago from adecayed pine pole, the identity of U-10 is still a mystery, despite theefforts of many mycological authorities. U-10 is included in everytest and is especially valuable when a quick indication of the value ofa new preservative is needed, as it is capable of producing an appreci-able weight loss in about three months. In addition to the abovefungi occasional use is made of such common wood-destroyers asTrametes serialis, Lenzites sepiaria, Polystictus versicolor, Polyporussulphureus, and Fomes pinicola. At the present stage of development this wood block method tellsnothing directly about the ability of a wood preservative to

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Please note that these images are extracted from scanned page images that may have been digitally enhanced for readability – coloration and appearance of these illustrations may not perfectly resemble the original work.