The Chef.

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The Chef.
weight loss challenge
Image by Neil. Moralee
The notion of eating only when you are hungry isn’t really an option as a chef, “Like anything else in life, moderation is key – but I am sure for most chefs finding that balance is a daily challenge.”

I know, eating is one of life’s great pleasures. I had to drop to a mere 800 calories a day to loose weight. I started at 1500 a day no change despite taking up rowing.

1000 calories a day, the gain in muscle was offsetting the loss in fat.
800 calories a day and rowing and I lost 85 pounds in 16 months.

It was hard. But keeping it off is harder.

Weight Loss Challenge – Thursday
weight loss challenge
Image by lisaclarke
I’ve been halfheartedly trying to lose weight for weeks to no avail. So I signed up for Katydiddys’ Weight Loss Wednesdays to see if having challenges and a partner for support will help. Hope so! This is part of week one’s challenge – a visual food diary. Blogged here.

Hot apple cider
The last crumbs in the pretzel bag


Dr. Pepper
Everything bagel

Kettle corn from the farmer’s market – a lot of it.

Dr. Pepper
Chicken and farmer’s market potatoes, peppers & onions.

Munched all night on pretzels and chex mix – not the best choice…

Is it any wonder that I need to lose some weight? I have a serious snack (and carb) problem, it seems!

(10) 73g
weight loss challenge
Image by Mrs Magic
MSH – January 2012
10. Take the Weight Loss Challenge

Nutella cupcake. Could do with losing a few grams perhaps?

Best of MSH – Second place, thank you!

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