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A good personality is very important for social as well as professional life. Overweight hampers your personality and in considered a negative trait in the professional world. Give yourself an image makeover by bringing yoga in your life. Weight loss with yoga is easily managed by practicing different yoga asanas. Now you must be wondering what is yoga asanas; Yoga asana is the different postures used during yoga that involve both physical and well as psychological connect to establish the desired result. In short, Yoga asana is the technique of exercise that is used during yoga.

Yoga for weight loss has become one of the most sought after weight management techniques. You can easily loose those extra kilos by incorporating yoga exercise on a daily basis in your life. Yoga can be used as a tool to fight overweight. A routine of pranayams and asanas helps to improve overall body wellness which affects the weight as well.  You may wonder how weight loss with yoga is attainable, but believe it its true and science proves it.

Yoga involves a series of steps of physical exercise coupled with breathing. This increases the oxygen level in the body and improves blood circulation. When your blood circulation improves the fat is absorbed easily and burned down to create energy. Thus increasing your efficiency and reducing the fat deposit in your body while managing low fat deposit.

Research has found that a well balanced body that has an equation with mind and positive thinking burns fat more easily that a tired, clumsy and negative minded body. Yoga helps to create harmony between mind and body and reduces stress. An important issue relating to weight loss is confidence. An overweight person loses his confidence easily, but yoga can teach you to sync your mind and body to regain your confidence.  

An early morning exercise is always considered healthy. But sometimes people don’t have time to hit the gym even; yoga comes to your rescue here. Yoga for weight loss can be performed easily at homes either in the morning or evening. And one can easily learn yoga asana from the internet or by taking classes for a while.

One of the most effective asana to get weight loss with yoga is the Hatha Yoga.  Hatha yoga is known to tone and stretch body while warming it up. Uttanasana II as well as Sukhasana is also considered good for reducing weight. Breathing is the foundation of yoga and when mixed with physical exercise which ranges from moderate to extensive it can create great impact on the body and mind. There are different asanas for reducing weight from different areas of the body. If you want to lose abdominal weight the following yoga asanas would be helpful:

•  Yogic seal asana

•  Kapal ghati pranayam or wind releasing pose

•  Spinal twist pose

And if you are interested in reducing weight from arms and legs them you must try the following asanas:

•  Sun solute or Surya Namaskar

•  Triangle pose

•  Butterfly pose

Yoga for Weight Loss for Beginners is great for increasing flexibility and stamina, but what about weight loss? Well, this DVD’s got that covered. It includes a special section about using yoga with weights and resistance bands, to increase your weight loss potential while practicing yoga.This is definitely a good fit for beginners. In the first section of the DVD, the instructor, Maggie Rhoades, uses gentle poses to introduce you to routines that will help tone your body. The next section moves on to routines that will get your heart pumping, and the third section is about the weights and resistance bands. And, as icing on the cake, this DVD was shot in Antigua, so the setting is absolutely gorgeous.

Always remember to switch to healthy eating habit when you choose yoga for weight loss. With the help of yoga you can change your life forever all you need is regular practice and controlled diet. Weight loss with yoga can benefit your overall lifestyle by positively effectively your body and mental wellness.

Keep in mind that these excellent yoga poses for weight loss should be done slowly. Jerking movements can cause injuries or strain. Make sure that every movement is controlled and done slowly. For excellent results, the poses should be held for 2-3 minutes. However, hold for only five seconds in the beginning and then slowly increase the duration. The more regularly you practice, the easier it will get to hold this pose for as long as you want.

Weight control is a prevalent concern for many women after pregnancy. Although common during pregnancy, weight gain is difficult for many women to handle emotionally. Many women are unclear about how to separate fact from fiction concerning this “post-pregnancy” weight control. First of all, women need to understand how much weight gain is actually “normal” during pregnancy. Do try to keep in mind that your pregnancy weight wasn’t gained overnight so it won’t disappear that quickly, either. As a matter of detail, you gained that weight so that you would have plenty of reserves for feeding your baby.
Eat healthy foods. This really is unnoticed, though. Emphasize nutrient rich foods, which are not having too much fat. Avoid oily snack foods and so-called healthy foods like cheese and complete milk. Eat more fruits, vegetables, grains, pastas and beans and avoid red meat and salads laden with dressing. Try to build some outdoor activity into your day. In some way walk with your baby every day and try to get a jogging stroller added to your wish list. Sling makes carrying your baby more resourceful and burn more calories. Drink plenty of water. Avoid soda, cool drink and juice. Some foods are they were truly empty calories. Combining 200 fewer calories per day of higher fat foods that’s just a couple portion of dressing or a piece of cheese with 20 minutes of a good walk with your baby will lead to exactly the weight loss and conditioning you want. Add in a little formal or informal yoga and stretching and you’ll get there even sooner.
Weight loss after pregnancy can be slow and many new mothers find it difficult to continue a diet after having a baby. Babies do not recognize your desire to lose weight and regain your figure. As a result regular meals can be difficult. However, please avoid the fast or ‘starve’ yourself into regaining your pre-pregnancy shape. Stock up with healthy, filling, convenient snacks, like soups, low-fat pasta sauces, lean meats, whole meal bread and cereals, fresh vegetables and fat-free dairy products.There seems to be a myth that weight loss after pregnancy can only be successful if it occurs quickly. Somehow, many women feel that if they have not lost all the pregnancy weight by 1 year after delivery, something is wrong with them, they are not standard, or they have failed in some way. In fact, the truth is that weight loss after pregnancy can take a very long time, sometimes even few years, without signifying that something is wrong.
Gradual weight loss is the standard, not the exception, and the rate of weight loss depends on several factors, such as whether there were difficulties with the pregnancy or delivery. Pregnancy complications can make a woman feel weak with her mobility. Certain diseases like postpartum inflammation of the thyroid gland, which is a general complication that shows itself soon after delivery, can cause massive weight struggles if they are severe. Exercising every single day, even if that exercise is just walking, is an absolute must and the lack of exercise is what often holds up the process.
Consulting a dietician is a best way to obtain an individualized plan. The dietician will assess key issues like your food preferences, schedule.. etc in order to create a customized individual plan. As well, while you follow the dietician’s plan, you needsto keep up daily exercise to optimize your weight loss. We are only human. Fast weight loss will not stay off, but rational weight loss will stay off. Weight loss will simply not be acceptable if exercise is lacking. This is true for many reasons; including that exercise helps to keep your body’s metabolism from decreasing extremely while dieting.

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