Yoga Hot Yoga To Lose Weight!

Yoga Existence: Monthly Journal

Yoga: Step-By-Step

Yoga Samyama

Yoga Existence Annual

Yoga Worldwide Directory 1992

Siddhis And Riddhis

Yoga For Expectant Moms Yet Others

Yoga Body Woman’s View

Yoga And Sports

1Surya Namaskar


1Tribute To Some Great Guru

1A Heart That’s Distant

1Frankly Speaking

1The Ashtanga Yoga Of Patanjali

1A Yogic Method Of Stress

1Yoga And Modern Guy

1A Primer Of Yoga Theory

1Yoga: one to ten

2Yoga For Breathing Disorders

2Hatha Yoga of Gitananda Yoga (Tamil)

2Gita Inspirations (Poetry

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